Friday, 24 November 2017

GTS -- FIRE!!!

The blazing, hot sun touching everyone's faces, we're all melting like iceblocks.. A couple of days ago, the whole school went out to the field and spelled out F.I.R.E and G.T.S! The teachers put everyone in their places and then.. everyone watched the drone go higher and higher, then Miss Faalili screamed "CHEESE!!!" It finally ended and everyone was relieved to get up and get out of the sun! The seniors spelled G.T.S and the Middles spelled out FIRE! The bottom line are the Juniors and the line in the middle are the teachers!

Camp Chants!

Just a couple more weeks and it's the week all the seniors have been waiting for, CAMP! For a couple of weeks now the seniors have been in their groups practicing their chants for camp. There are 5 groups and their names for their group are based on what color we picked out of a bucket and we had to pick a continent from the other. My group got the color Yellow and the continent Antarctica! From there we had to pick an animal from that continent, so my group name is "Yellow Whales".. And ever since that day we've practiced our chants and today everyone had a sneak peek of everyone else's chant to see what everyone came up with. Here are some videos! Press the group names to be able to watch the chants GTS students came up with! :)))

Thursday, 23 November 2017


Trip to rainbows end with your friends, laughter and screams spreading through the atmosphere..
Now that's a day that everyone would love.. Trust me, it was AMAZING!

A couple of days ago, Mr Herlihy sat down in the hall with some of the leaders of the school and some kids who aren't leaders but has shown a lot of leadership during this year for some special news.. That's when he told us, he told us that we'll be the students attending Rainbow's End, the excitement immediately showed on everyone's faces. I was so relieved that I was one of the students that was announced to go Rainbows End. Days were passing and everyone was talking about what ride they were going to go on. Then it came to the day, the students that got picked to go Rainbow's End got to wear mufti to school, walking into the bus one by one, the bus rode, everyone was talking about them being scared of the "Fearfall" and everyone was excited and then we reached our destination.. Walking into the gates and then splitting apart, running crazy to get to the ride we all wanted to go on. After a while, Brooklyn, Nadia, David and I got Miss Siale to come onto the "Invader" and the "Rollercoaster" with us.. She for sure sounded like she was going to die, but we still had a lot of fun! She made my day turn a whole lot better! Sadly, the day came to an end, when we were on our way back to school everyone was slowly falling asleep in the bus due to the fun day they just had, including me!!

Thankyou Miss Siale, Miss Tuia, Miss Tupou and everyone else for making today more memorable
👏🎉✊ than I thought it would be! ✊🎉👏

Monday, 20 November 2017

Student Voice!

Room12 had to create a student voice. Now, you're maybe thinking, what is a student voice... Well. let me explain it to you. A student voice is technically a paragraph that goes into your report, but the teacher doesn't write it. YOU DO! In the paragraph, we had to write some of our highlights of  the year, what we've achieved and what extracurricular we've enjoyed.. So, that's what I did, enjoy my student voice that I've written!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Miss Grant!

Today, for our session with Miss Grant we had to complete a Google Drawing about one of the films that we commented on and why that comment is a quality comment. I commented on Tamaki Primary's film called "Our School" and this is my Google Drawing. ENJOY! :) 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Today, Room12 got to play a proper game of softball. Glen Taylor is really lucky to have 2 very caring people Dave and Craig to come and teach us how to play softball and what the rules are on how to play. A lot of laughter and smiles were spread around the field.
It was an enjoyable session today.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Whole day outside, water fights, races with your friends, tug of war, zumba and laughter.
Who wouldn't love that? I know I would!!

Throughout the whole day today, Glen Taylor School had athletics. But today we never done the usual athletics we usually do. We only done 100m races, high jump, water fights, tug of war and other fun activities. It started raining during high jump so we went into the hall, said our house colour chants and also done Zumba. I am in Kaiahiku. (Yellow) 
🎉💪🎉💪🎉 It was a very enjoyable day. 🎉💪🎉💪🎉